The programs on this radio station is old-fashioned, biblical, and spirit filled preaching, along with uplifting songs, psalms hymns, spiritual songs,


All donations will go toward broadcasting KOFG, keeping old-fashioned music and preaching on the air,Any donations are greatly appreciated.

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​The Old Fashioned Gospel Ministries is a radio broadcast ministry started by Joseph Atnip in May of 2014 when he purchased KOFG 91.1.  A local FM Radio station that was started in 2008.



Old Fashioned Gospel Ministries

KOFG is a ministry of "Old Fashioned Gospel Ministries.
​ Old Fashioned Gospel Ministries  is to point their fellow men to salvation through the blood of a precious Savior, Jesus Christ, and to encourage one another during life's journey.   Please comment by calling Joe at 307-899-0218. Or email at